Birthday Invitations

Choosing Birthday Invitations

If you are throwing a birthday party for someone, you will need to consider the type of birthday invitations you want to get. Choosing birthday invitations can be a fun process but it can also be difficult if you are stressing over exactly what will be the perfect one. Depending on the individual with a birthday there are many different types of birthday invitations to choose from. There are also many different budgets you can work within as well as different formats for birthday invitations. The formality of the particular party will often dictate the types of cards that are chosen.

Children's Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties are especially fun to plan and the child will be excited too. If you are a t a loss as to the type of birthday invitations to get, ask the birthday boy or girl to help out! They will love having input into planning their own party. Often children's birthday parties work around a particular theme so you can get plates, napkins, decorations and birthday invitations all in the same type of theme. For boys, cartoon characters, soldiers, sports and cowboys are often very popular. For girls, cartoon characters, animal themes, popular culture and princess parties are often popular. You can get birthday invitations in all those themes at a party supply store, stationary store and online.

Teen Birthday Parties

Quincinera parties, sweet sixteen parties and turning eighteen birthday parties are usually more formal events. Even though there should be a festive atmosphere these milestones mark the beginning of adulthood and are often celebrated with a more formal party. Traditionally, these events demand more formal birthday invitations as well. Pre printed birthday invitations are the norm in these cases and the parties are often lavish events. Printing shops and online printing shops are ideal places to get these types of birthday invitations. You can get them printed with the event, location, details and hosts of the party printed on the card.

Adult Birthday Parties

Adult birthday parties run the gamut from ultra casual to formal. Most, however, stay in the range of casual parties. Adults tend to hang out with friends, grab some drinks at a local bar or have dinner with friends. More often then not, they spend their birthday with their significant other or family. In such cases, birthday invitations are really not necessary. However, where adult birthday parties do get more formal is during a milestone. Twenty one, thirty, forty, fifty, and subsequent decade birthdays are often celebrated in a more formal manner. Depending on the theme, birthday invitations can be formal or more casual. For example, an over the hill birthday party may have fun, informal birthday invitations while a sixtieth birthday bash may go all out on the birthday invitations.

Go Postal?

The more formal the event, the more traditionally you should treat the entire process of birthday invitations. This includes the manner in which birthday invitations are sent to invitees. Traditionally, it is only acceptable to have birthday invitations mailed via the post office. The birthday invitations are stuffed into envelopes and sealed. The address is printed neatly and clearly using blue or black ink on the front. The return address printed equally as neatly on the back. A stamp is used for postage as opposed to metering the envelope. However, in today's age, more people are choosing to use the Internet for birthday invitations.

Using the Internet to send birthday invitations is becoming more common and even more acceptable. However, this is only the case in the event of a less formal party. Formality still dictates tradition in this instance. If you do decide to go the email route, you should be sure to find e-cards or custom e-vites that suit the occasion. You can also make your own birthday invitations by using a word processing program and attractive borders and graphics. The benefit of using email as opposed to the post office is that they are faster, more convenient and definitely less expensive. You can keep track of who is and is not going to attend the party and the guests can RSVP with the click of a mouse. Emailing is cheaper and often you can get the entire process of birthday invitations completed at no charge at all!